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Be heard, be interactive create a video for your website!

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SillyDoh Video Production & Web Design

Be heard, be interactive create a video for your website

SillyDoh is an Orange County video production and web design company.

SillyDoh provides video production and web design for small businesses and individuals who need a video or a website to establish their web presence or communicate with their clients.

These are some of the services that we provide:

Video Production


Live Streaming

Web Design

Many small business owners start their company because they love what they do!
You may be the best in your field, but when it comes to technology, you do not know where to begin.

Do you have your own website? Would you like to have a website for mobile phones and tablets?
Would you like to engage your customers by showing them your products?
Could you grow your business and reach more customers with a website and/or a video, but don’t have time to create it?

That’s where SillyDoh comes in! Our consultant has twelve years of experience with large companies and corporations.
And now he is specializing in small businesses.

Whether your small business is starting out or has been running for several years, SillyDoh can help you launch your new website(s).
SillyDoh can do anything from creating a simple website to providing your company with multiple customized websites for desktop and mobile browsing.

Golden rule of sales

People buy from people they know and like.

In addition to your website, SillyDoh can help you produce a high quality video for your website or YouTube. With a video, people all over the world will feel like they know you!

What Our Clients Say

"The SillyDoh team was so easy to work with and fun too. I had no idea how to bring my vision to life....they explained all the options and price differences plus used their expertise to create an amazing final product. Implementation was quick! Fantastic customer support!"

J A Hill

"I am so happy with the website and videography that Raul with SillyDoh did for my business. His website knowledge really comes through as you are working with him to create the perfect face of your business. I recommend Raul with SillyDoh to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level!"

Dana P.

"SillyDoh created my website (both desktop and mobile) and did an amazing job! I worked with Raul, who created my entire site from scratch. I relied heavily on his expertise and was extremely pleased with the results. With a short interview, Raul was able to take my raw ideas and transform them into a beautiful functional site for my new law practice. Raul has an extraordinary attention to detail which ensured that my site was polished and professional upon launch."

"I highly recommend SillyDoh for your website needs. The pricing is very reasonable and the result is a high level product with personalized service. Thank you, SillyDoh!"

Kaleen H.

Our Skills

Video Recording
Video Editing
Audio Editing
Live Streaming
Social Media
Web Design
Mobile Web Design

Services Provided by SillyDoh

Video Production
Why type and let your audience read, when you can communicate your message via video.
Podcast Production
A podcast is an audio or video file in a highly compressed format for playback on an mp4 player, computer, smart phone or tablet.
Web Design
Web Design
Desktop (viewable on a computer), Mobile (viewable on a smart phone or tablet) and Responsive Web Design (viewable on both).


SillyDoh is open Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 5PM and Friday from 9AM to 12PM. For your convenience, fill out the form and we will contact you during business hours.

Phone: 949 354 3DOH


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