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Transfer your VHS tapes to Digital!

Sep 26, 2016

VHS to Digital

Unlike your old vinyl record collection, those VHS tapes you stored away in the back of your closet aren't going to see a resurgence in popularity. There are no videophiles extolling the superior experience and fidelity of these analog tapes. No, VHS is a dying medium!

But before your tapes turn to goop or VCRs become as rare as eight-track players, let's take a moment to archive any sentimental home movies you still have on tape. Honestly, those really should be the only VHS tapes you're still holding on to. Whatever horrible '80s sitcom you taped religiously has since been reissued in crisp digital detail, so don't waste your time (or possibly break the law) by recording it to your computer.
If you need help transferring those VHS home movies over to your computer let SillyDoh help. Contact us at 949 354 3DOH or


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