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About SillyDoh

Video Production & Web Design

About SillyDoh

Why the name SillyDoh?

Because Silly Putty™ and Play-Doh™ are two materials that start as nothing, but can turn into something fun, something special and something useful with just a little imagination.

Computers are very similar to Silly Putty™ and Play-Doh™. A blank document will end up as a best seller book, a business plan or a screenplay. Here at SillyDoh, we want to help you with all your web and video needs, If you need a video to make your blog come to life, or want to start a podcast, SillyDoh is here to help!

SillyDoh was created in an effort to provide small businesses with the same technology that large corporations use every day to maximize the bottom line. SillyDoh takes the latest technology to customize a plan that will help your small business achieve greatness. From website creation to customized video production, let SillyDoh help your business soar!

Our Skills

Video Recording
Video Editing
Audio Editing
Live Streaming
Social Media
Web Design

About Our Consultant

Raul Gonzalez worked as a Business Systems Analyst for large corporations since 1997, creating multiple websites for large corporations as well as family and friends. He has implemented web based loan origination systems, rebranded websites, and developed new processes to streamline production.
Raul studied Film and TV production, and he began his career in the dot com era, learning from the ground up in several start up companies. Raul missed the energy that he felt while working in small businesses and wanted to go back to his roots, taking his technological expertise to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential and increase profits.
A consultant should know how to apply theory into practice and also be skillful in using appropriate tools (software) to function efficiently on the job.

Good Listener
A consultant meets different people with unique personalities (some will be verbose, other reticent). Having excellent listening skills will encourage all to talk freely. This will lead to more information sharing.

Problem Solver
A consultant needs to be passionate about solving problems. Whether it’s a problem with computers, logistics, or personnel, the client wants the consultant to solve it.

Raul Gonzalez

Birthday: December 14th

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Day: Saturday

Favorite Movie: Back to the Future

Favorite Food: Fondue, Sushi & Mexican

Favorite TV Shows: Friends & How I Met Your Mother

Kate Piddleton (dog in picture)

Birthday: October 2013

Favorite Toy: Her Sister Pippa

Favorite Activity: Bother Her Sister Pippa

Raul Gonzalez



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SillyDoh is open Monday through Thursday
from 9AM to 5PM and Friday from 9AM to 12PM.

Phone: 949 354 3DOH

Email: Info@SillyDoh.com

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