Video Production

Video Production

Show your human side
You’ll get to show your human side when you sit down in front of your webcam to make a video blog. Instead of reading blog posts and having no real idea of who has written them, people will be able to see you and appreciate who you are. It automatically puts a face and a human side on your business and that can help to foster trust.

They make you stand out
There are plenty of businesses out there that are similar to yours. But how many of them are delivering engaging video blogs on a regular basis? If you look around and see that your competitors aren’t producing any videos at all, you’ve got an excellent excuse for persevering with this and producing a simple video at least once a week to connect with your audience in a whole new way.

Show your new products instead of telling them about it
Have you ever sat down and tried to write a blog post explaining your new product? If you have, you’ll know how difficult it can be. So why not ditch the word document and sit in front of the webcam with your product instead? If it’s big you can always get someone else to film you with a video camera and upload that instead. You’ll soon wonder why you never thought to do this before.

Easy to promote via social media
You can ask people to read something. Or you can ask them to watch something. If you’ve got something visual to share with them, they’re arguably more likely to take a look. Promoting your videos via social media sites is a great way to reach out to even more people.

A podcast is an online audio or video broadcast published to and distributed throughout the web via online syndication. Listeners or viewers can subscribe to a podcast and automatically receive new episodes to their computer, mp3 player, smart phone or tablet.

A podcast is personal, cost effective and portable because it can be delivered to anyone on the internet.

A podcast can be about any subject. If you are an expert in your field, it may be good to have a podcast where you educate others in your field of expertise.

A good podcast should be informative, dynamic and engaging. SillyDoh can help you produce a high quality podcast that will engage your listeners/viewers.
USTREAM is the easiest and most powerful way to stream LIVE video. USTREAM has full HD content with no caps on bitrate or resolution, video embeding, multi-device support and real-time chat. SillyDoh can help you stream your event LIVE to your audience. If you want to bring a class, seminar or conference to people arround the United States or the World! Then SillyDoh can help you stream it LIVE.

USTREAM Services (provided by SillyDoh)

  • Full production support for your USTREAM needs
    • Video production for USTREAM
      • HD cameras (1080p and 720p)
      • Add graphics, videos and music to your broadcast
      • Broadcast PowerPoint and Keynote presentations
      • Add remote guests via video chat
      • Multi-camera switching
      • Custom Apple Motion graphics for your video
      • Title, layers and picture-in-picture
    • Audio production for USTREAM
      • Professional microphones
    • Studio time
  • Website integration of your live stream
  • Consult on how to produce and get started with USTREAM
  • USTREAM Producer training
Video Production

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